About FEUK


Horses have given me so much joy all my life,  they deserve the very best hoof care that I can help handlers achieve.Its my personal  mission to raise the health and safety aspect of  hoof care around the world by making  this work less physically demanding.

I have used all my experience as a lifelong horseman, my skills as a blacksmith and also as a design engineer to design, test and manufacture these new products.

At Finnegan Equine UK we are using the  latest cutting edge technology to produce  innovative,  cost effect products for both the home and the export market .

Every part is manufactured in quality materials to within tight tolerances using the latest technology and hand built with great care and are 100%  inspected  to insure long and reliable service .

All moving parts are easily replaceable without any specialist tools required thus offering a life times service with simple maintenance a la,  ‘Triggers brush in Only fools and horses’

money-back-guarantee-stickerEvery stand is built and inspected before being stripped down and  flat packed in their own individual box ready to be shipped and is offered with a buy and try guarantee.

Paddy Finnegan