The Patrick Finnegan Multi-purpose Hoof Stand 

Introducing a brand new standIMG_1198

A multi-purpose hoof stand,  built with high quality materials using UK world class cutting edge manufacturing techniques and now available for sale worldwide.

A new, unique, product that values all handlers and equines time, health, safety and performance.

Well engineered and simple to use ,  it is the most cost effective, handling enhancing , equine product on the market anywhere in the world today.

Empowering your horse’s performance  by supporting  you to be your best .

Light weight but strong and robust, easily stored and transported.


Self-levelling three leg design can be used on uneven surfaces.

Enhances user health and safety by minimising back, arm, hand, finger, leg, hip, knee, ankle and foot strain.

Gives all equines comfort in all hoof maintenance and investigative work including the simple cleaning out of feet, oiling, fitting studs,  removing shoes, trimming, searching for trapped debris,  treating damage, seeking out and treating bruising, infections and diseases .


New trainee staff can be trained easily to be more effective during their hoof handling induction training and increase the everyday health and safety aspect of their routine cleaning and inspection work.

Builds confidence in every size and age of animal with a minimum of fuss and training required for experienced handlers.

Lifelong use, easily serviced, easily adjusted, all parts easily replaced with no specialist tools required.

(patent applied for)